With her love and knowledge of good food, Annabel helps busy
Kiwis reconnect through cooking and eating.

Growing up, growing food

Annabel’s father Fred would come home each night to tend his vegetable garden and his bees, providing plenty of just-picked veggies for mum Anne – a home science university graduate – to create delicious home cooked meals. Annabel’s parents were thrifty and resourceful. Nothing was wasted, but the table would be set each evening with flowers. 

Self sufficiency

After leaving home Annabel became adept at hunting and fishing to feed herself and make a living. This was complemented by her horticulture studies at Lincoln University. Inspired by her mother’s kitchen, her culinary education came in the form of endless experimentation, rather than formally learning to cook. 

Food philosophy

Twenty years of working professionally in the kitchen have taught Annabel that confidence is the key to cooking success (along with good-quality ingredients). Like many New Zealanders, she is tethered to the earth through growing, harvesting, cooking and sharing around the table. Eating homegrown, home-cooked food is part of the way Annabel’s family lives today. 

Why 'We Are What We Eat'?

“Good food is not only a universal right, it’s the common ground we all share. As an Ambassador for We Are What We Eat, I aim to share my know-how, skills and experience to help New Zealanders get out of a food rut and save time in the kitchen, so they can spend more time with the people they care about.”

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