With her kitchen full of family, baking and love, Jaquie's here
to help Kiwis create special moments around food.

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To Jaquie, food is the thing that brings people together. She fondly remembers sharing coffee and croissants with her parents back in the UK and has since created some family rituals of her own, like Saturday morning pikelets.

It’s all about balance

Jaquie believes that all food is to be enjoyed (there are no ‘bad foods’) and is teaching this sense of balance to her kids. Since coming to New Zealand at 15, she’s taught herself to bake and built up her massive ‘bible’ cookbook. She’s even learnt the fine art of making the lightest, butteriest pastry. 

Health by stealth

Jaquie’s all about tricks and treats — finding ways to sneak healthy things into her kid’s meals and making the healthy stuff super tasty. She’s worked out some ways to get more veggies into the kids (aged six and three) and loves a bit of food theatre.

Favourite dish

One of Jaquie’s all-time favourite foods is roast chicken. It’s a staple family dish that gets served all year round. Check out Jaquie’s ingenious trick for getting delicious flavour into her chicken without any mess.

Why ‘We Are What We Eat’?

“To me, cooking at home with my family is so much more than just putting food on the table. It’s about the experience and creating moments over food. We don’t do enough of it these days. So if We Are What We Eat can help get more people around the table – I’m totally for it.”

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