We’re with Pua on his journey to discover quick and easy ways to
share food with friends and family.

Eating habits

Pua would love to have more time, so he can look after his diet better. As a former Personal Trainer, he knows about eating healthy, but time and temptation make it a tough ask. “I eat takeaways like a madman! I need to find a way to schedule in eating and cooking.” 

Island styles

Pua is one of six kids, so family Christmas at Mahia is a pretty big deal. “Mum does traditional Samoan food – island styles”, like a whole roast pig on a spit. One of his brothers is also a great cook, so Pua gets teased about being domestically challenged. But with the help of We Are What We Eat he’s got a trick or two up his sleeve. 

An active lifestyle

Pua is an early riser – being an announcer on Flava breakfast radio every morning means waking up at 4am. As an actor on Shortland Street, his call time varies between 7 and 9am. Filming goes all day, but with long gaps, which Pua uses to train or catch up on work. 

Apple of his eye

Weekends are a very special time for Pua. Not only does he get to take things a bit easier, he can spend time with his favourite person – his daughter. Making chocolate pots is a favourite weekend activity. Mind the mess!

Why 'We Are What We Eat'?

He said when people say they’re too busy to exercise, he tells them “You make time! No excuses” and would love to apply that discipline and philosophy to cooking. “If We Are What We Eat can help me, they can help anyone.”

Pua's Recipes

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