We really are what we eat

Let's eat happy New Zealand, let's eat together
and let's eat well!

With our lives getting busier, there are things we could use some help with.... 

When we eat well, with people we care about, we feel good. We’re a lucky bunch – living in this fantastic, diverse country of ours – connected to all the great stuff the world has to offer. Like cooking together rather than grabbing takeaways. And exchanging status updates for face-to-face time. We’re here to help busy New Zealanders reconnect by sharing how easy cooking real food can be, letting them spend more time with people they care about, doing the stuff that matters. So let’s put down our phones and pick up our forks. Let’s get our hands dirty, and celebrate cooking and sharing together. Because we believe, the better connected New Zealanders are, the better New Zealand can be.

We’re sharing recipes, fresh inspiration, and tips to make things feel effortless, but look impressive.

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