Simple Summer Salad Recipes
Brighten up your plate with a summer salad

Spinach Summer Salad Recipe

Throw together in 5 minutes and serve with your favourite main.

Orange, Almond & Cos Salad Recipe

Tangy vegetables for bite and almonds for crunch. This 10 minute salad will impress any guest!

Corn and Feta Salad Recipe

Nourish yourself with this mixture of colourful veges and crumbly feta! Ready for you in under 15 minutes.

Summer Crunch Salad Recipe

Watermelon and feta are the perfect pair when it comes to a Summer salad! This beauty is quick and easy too.

Mouthwatering Mesclun Salad Recipe

Simple, bright and just right with dinner tonight. Throw together in just 5 minutes.