An under 30 min burger recipe

Here’s a deliciously casual twist on the trusty chicken burger - a bit less lettuce, and plenty of protein-filled chicken, bacon and parmesan.

5 Mins
5 Mins
Ready In
10 Mins

What you need

  • 4 Ciabatta buns or baps
  • 75g Perfect Italiano parmesan cheese block, shaved using potato peeler
  • Cos lettuce leaves
  • 4 small chicken breasts
  • 4 rashers of streaky bacon
  • Mayonnaise or aioli
  • Optional: 2 anchovy fillets, chopped and mixed into mayonnaise

Here's how it's done

  1. Grill chicken breasts and bacon.
  2. Slice buns and spread the bottom half with mayonnaise or aioli, then stack with bacon, chicken breast, parmesan, lettuce and mayonnaise.
  3. Top with the other half of the bun and watch them come running.

Serving Suggestions

Don’t like soggy buns? Toast the cut sides lightly in the pan when cooking your chicken and bacon.

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